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Non-Traditional Students

As a non-traditional student, you may face unique challenges when it comes to study abroad. You may be a parent or have a full time job and are taking classes when you can. However, in spite of obstacles, you are likely taking your schooling very seriously and know how important furthering your education is for your career. Participating in a study abroad program is a great resume and career builder. You can learn another language, practice cross-cultural communication skills, and better understand global issues facing the 21st century.

A great concern for non-traditional students who are parents, is: What about my family? When it  is possible to bring children along (it depends on the program), you must make their own arrangements:

  1. To bring an adult caregiver to provide care for the child(ren) during all class periods, site visits (to museums, for example), excursions (even those out of town), etc.  In the case of faculty if additional costs of larger housing, for example, are necessary this cost is paid for by the faculty member and not by the students in the program fee.
  2. For childcare (including school).
  3. For visas for their adult caregiver and dependents.
  4. For healthcare coverage for dependents: the caregiver and child/children will be added to the WU Study Abroad Plan (at their expense).  The cost for a child is $2.00 a day the cost for an adult caregiver is based on the person’s age and the plan they choose. The rates start at $2.00 per day, must purchase a minimum of 15 days.
  5. Download and submit a signed Child Travel Release form to the Office of International Programs office.




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