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Your Applications:

You will complete both a Program Application and a Scholarship Application.  Applications are due in the semester prior to studying abroad. Deadlines vary in general Fall/ Summer due 3/1, Spring/Winter 10/15, Modern Languages program and scholarship applications are due 2/15 for the upcoming academic year. Students should submit all application materials directly to the WU Office of International Programs. Students may only apply to one program per academic term. If you would like to change programs during the application process, please email:

Click here for WU Study Abroad Application Instructions

How to Apply:

  1. Find your program
  2. Click the Apply Now button.
  3. Login using your Washburn email address and password.
  4. Answer any questions presented to you to complete your profile, if applicable.
  5. Complete the Advising Questionnaire, if applicable.
  6. Attend an Advising Session.
  7. Once you determine the program you will participate in you will complete a program application.
  8. When you have completed all the application requirements, click the Submit Application button.
  9. Congratulations! You have completed the first of phases in your Study Abroad Application.

You will complete the following 4 application phases:

  • Pre-Decision Phase (begins when you apply and continues until the deadline)

    During this phase, you will complete the materials noted on the application page. You must submit all materials and questionnaires by the stated application deadline to guarantee that your application will be considered.  Below is a list of typical documents that are included in the application process:
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Faculty Recommendations (these will be requested by you and submitted online by the faculty)
    • Study Abroad Consent & Release Form
    • Additional forms and questionnaires are required for specific programs.  The forms will be viewable as soon as the application is created.
  • Post-Decision Phase (begins after deadline and continues until the program start date)

    All students with approved applications will be required to complete additional questionnaires and material submissions before departing on the program.
  • While Abroad Phase (begins with the program start date and continues until the program end date)

    You can access the system during this phase to learn of important happenings at your study abroad site.
  • Returnee Phase (begins after the program end date and continues until the end of the next term)

    During this phase, you will need to log in to evaluate the program.

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