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Getting Started

Your journey starts here! The WU Office of Study Abroad offers study abroad programs for students in every part of the world and in a wide variety of majors. 

Define Your Goals

Many students know that they want to study abroad but are not quite sure when, where, what, or how to study abroad.  Below are some questions and ideas to help you define your goals and narrow down what study abroad program(s) will work best for you. 

  • Why do I want to study abroad?
  • How long do I want to study abroad - a semester, year, summer, winter break or spring break?
  • Do I want to study a language?  What level of proficiency do I want to gain while abroad?
  • What kind of course requirements do I want/need to fulfill while abroad?
  • Do I want to go with a faculty member from WU or do I want to work with faculty from the host University?
  • Do I want to go abroad with many other WU students or do I want to go with only a few other WU students?
  • Do I want to study at a University or do I want to consider an internship opportunity abroad?
  • How will study abroad help me achieve my goals at WU, in my future career, and in my life?

Minimum Requirements for Study Abroad

  • At the time the application is submitted all WU study abroad participants must be currently enrolled, be in good standing, and have completed a minimum of 12 hours at WU with an average letter grade of “C” (2.0 GPA) or higher.  However, some programs have higher GPA and/or additional eligibility requirements.
  • Students on academic probation may not participate.
  • Students may not be eligible to apply for a scholarship to a program that departs after graduation.
  • All non-faculty led programs must be credit bearing.
  • Students must work with an accredited institution.
  • Students may not travel to a country with a US State Department Warning.
  • Students must abide by the Study Abroad Code of Conduct during their program.

Find Your Program

Once you have considered the above questions, you will be better prepared to begin your program search. You can search for programs by academic term, country, region, academic discipline as well as many other criteria.

Were you unable to find a WU program that fits with your academic discipline or in a country you really want to study abroad in? Not to worry! There are hundreds of study abroad programs that are run by other U.S. Universities or Study Abroad Program Providers.  As a WU student your options are endless! You can go through the WU Office of Study Abroad on a Student Initiated Program which allows you to study abroad through another U.S. University or a Study Abroad Program Provider.

More Information