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Intl Ed Washburn Transformational Experience

IE-WTE Medallion
Students participating in an approved study abroad program may elect to complete the study abroad program as an International Education -  Washburn Transformational Experience (IE-WTE)

Combining study abroad and the IE-WTE expands the students experience and resume.  Students who elect to complete the IE-WTE program are eligible for IE-WTE scholarship funds.  Students who successfully complete the program receive a designation on their WU transcript, recognition at the commencement ceremony, and an IE-WTE medallion to commemorate their participation. 

Pre-requisites:  Choose an eligible study abroad program and select a Faculty Mentor.

Click Here for IE-WTE Faculty Mentor Guide:

Students will work closely with a Faculty Mentor to complete the IE-WTE. The Faculty Mentor will oversee and approve the successful completion of the requirements. For Faculty-led study abroad programs the Faculty-Leader serves as the Mentor. For other programs the Mentor may be an Academic Advisor or a Faculty member who is familiar with the program location and/or the academic area of the program. 

Click Here for IE-WTE Requirements, Instructions, and Guidelines

The IE-WTE pre-departure and post program requirements are completed through the Washburn GivePulse Community Engagement Platform.