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Washburn Transformational Experience (WTE)

The International Education WTE is most directly satisfied by a study abroad experience.  WU offers a wide range of study abroad program opportunities. Find out more about the different types of study abroad programs.

Student’s select a WU Faculty member to serve as their Mentor. The Mentor may be the student’s Academic Advisor, or another Faculty member who is knowledgeable about the student’s program of studies.  If the student is participating on a Faculty-led program the Faculty leader of the program will be the Mentor for all the WTE participants. See the IE-WTE Students and Faculty Mentor Guide for more information. 


Follow the steps below to complete the WTE requirements. For those receiving a IE-WTE scholarship, failure to complete ALL the steps may result in a return of full or partial amount of the scholarship award.

  1. Research Program Options
    • You may need to work with a faculty leader of the program, your academic advisor, or the study-abroad coordinator.
  2. Complete Study Abroad Program and Scholarship Applications
    • DUE: March 1 for Summer & Fall, Oct. 15 for Winter & Spring. 
    • Submit a completed online application and the required support materials to the Office of International Programs (OIP).
    • Language Majors should apply in the Modern Languages Dept. Application Deadline: Feb. 15
  3. Declare an IE-WTE
    • DUE: March 1 for Summer & Fall, Oct. 15 for Winter & Spring 
    • If you participate in a faculty-led program, the faculty leader will serve as the WTE mentor.
    • If you participate in an individual program (without faculty leading the trip), you should then work with your academic advisor and /or the study abroad coordinator.
  4. Submit the Activity Plan
    • DUE: March 15 for Summer & Fall, Oct. 30 for Winter & Spring. 
    • The purpose of the Activity Plan is to help ensure that the student is focused and well prepared to complete the WTE program.
  5. Write a pre-trip background research paper
    • DUE: March 30 for Summer & Fall, Nov. 15 for Winter & Spring; or a date determined appropriate by the respective faculty leader, if it’s a faculty-led program. 
    • Before your trip, you need to write a background paper (about 5 pages, double space, 12 points, excluding footnotes) on the country or location of your destination (history, geography, politics, culture, etc.) and a relevant academic topic.
    • If you are to participate in a faculty-led program, the faculty leader will supervise and assess your paper.
    • If you are to participate in an individual program (without a faculty leader), the International Education WTE Director or your faculty mentor will assist you. 
    • The paper must be completed and accepted before the beginning of the study abroad program.
  6. Participate In the Study Abroad Program
  7. How to Complete the IE-WTE Final Assessment Form
    • To be completed within three weeks after returning and prior to graduation. 
    • When you return from your study abroad program, complete the Final Written Assessment Form which is located inside the WTE Completion Form.
  8. Complete a WTE Completion Form
    • Your faculty mentor must pre-approve your presentation on the Completion Form before the presentation is completed.
  9. Complete an IE-WTE Public Presentation
    • To be completed within the semester after returning and prior to graduation.
    • An essential component of every Transformational Experience is a report presented to a public audience in a manner appropriate to the project.
    • The report will address the significance of the project, the impact the experience has had on you, and the extent to which the project has fit into your overall educational goals at Washburn.
    • Class project presentation style is preferred with visual aids (photos, poster boards and power point) strongly recommended.
    • Consult your program advisor or the OIP to find an appropriate venue and date.