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Scholarship Opportunities

Washburn University is committed to international education and to providing funds to help defray the cost of international travel related to an approved study abroad program.

Students may apply for ONE of the three scholarships administered through this site.

A Study Abroad Program Application is required to apply for a scholarship. 

Review the scholarship options below.  Choose the award that fits your eligibility and need.

IP Scholarship or IE-WTE Scholarship Application

Modern Languages Scholarship Application

International Program (IP) Scholarship

Funds provided by the Office of International Programs through generous support of donors including Geneva Seybold.  Available to WU undergraduate and graduate students.  Awards up to $1,000.

International Education Washburn Transformational Experience (IE-WTE) Scholarship 

The Washburn Transformational Experience (WTE) is a program that provides Washburn University students with amazing opportunities and experiences. The WTE goes beyond the everyday classroom experience by allowing students to choose and create projects that reflect their interests.

The IE-WTE funds are provided by Washburn University for students completing the International Education Washburn Transformational Experience.  It is available to undergraduate students with awards up to $2,000.  Note:  Students are eligible to receive funding for only one WTE program.

Modern Languages Scholarship

The Department of Modern Languages offers several scholarships to language majors, which will cover a significant portion of the expenses overseas.  Students who major or minor in French, German or Spanish are encouraged to check with their advisor in the Modern Languages located in Morgan 350.

The Department of Modern Languages strongly recommends study for a period of time (a summer or a semester) in a country where the target language studied is spoken natively. Substantial scholarships are available for language majors and minors with a 3.0 GPA; the application deadline is Feb. 15 each year.  Washburn University has direct exchange programs for the majors in French, German and Spanish.

General Information

The amount of award is recommended based on such factors as cost and length of the program, number of applicants, and available funds.  Additional amount may be awarded based on the strength of the application, which typically includes academic merit, statement of purpose, and recommendations.


The applicant must:

  • Be a currently enrolled degree-seeking student at WU at the time of applying
  • Have completed at least 12 WU hours with a minimum GPA of 2.0 (3.0 for Modern Language Scholarship) at the time of applying
  • NOT have graduated before the program departs unless the course associated with the program is required for graduation.
    • A student who graduates in May going on a program in June that has no course associated is NOT eligible for scholarship.
    • A student who graduates in May going on a program in June whose course association is not required for graduation is NOT eligible for scholarship.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Graduate Scholarship Opportunity

Fundraising Opportunities

  • GO Overseas (multiple fundraising ideas for study abroad)