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Passport & Visa Requirements


A passport is an official travel document issued by a government that contains a given person's identity. It enables its holder travel to and from foreign countries and to access consular assistance while overseas. The document certifies the personal identity and nationality of its holder.

For applications and instructions visit: 

If you have a passport, check the expiration date.  Passports should be valid for at least 6 months after your anticipated return date.

If you do not have a passport, Apply Early! Apply at least 4-6 months before planned travel.  Passport applications must be processed in person at an acceptance facility. In Topeka, visit the the North Park Topeka Passport Acceptance Center.  Passport application are processed by appointment only; call (785) 231-3532 for more information, visit to schedule an appointment.


A visa is a conditional authorization granted by a polity to a foreigner that allows them to enter, remain within, or to leave its territory.

Semester and year-long programs will most likely require a student visa to enter and remain in the host country for the duration of your program. The process of applying for a visa normally requires additional documents, fees, passport photos and in some cases travel to the nearest Consulate.

Visit for information regarding foreign entry requirements.