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Study Abroad Time Line

Getting Started Phase:

You are already interested.  Good start!  Before you continue, review your eligibility:

  1. Check these requirements.
    1. GPA at least 2.0 overall (must have a GPA at WU)
    2. Minimum 12 hours successfully completed at WU
    3. Not on academic probation
    4. Not traveling the semester after graduation
    5. Must work with an accredited institution
    6. Must participate in a credit bearing program
    7. Can’t travel to a country with a US State Dept. Travel Warning
    8. Best time to go: sophomore or junior year
  2. Contact the Office of International Programs (OIP) to set up an appointment to discuss the options.
  3. Consider any health issues and determine if they would hamper your ability to study abroad. 
  4. Talk over with family – good to have full support.

Getting Serious Phase:

  1. Search programs you would like to attend (Direct Exchanges, Faculty-led programs and Affiliate Programs offer definite advantages over other schools and programs)
  2. Check the host university’s study abroad requirements (may differ from WU’s).
  3. Carefully check course selections (schools usually have online catalog).
  4. Talk to people who have been to the school/country you selected.
  5. Consider language – do you know the native language? Do you want to learn it?
  6. Start planning how you will finance this period. (Typically, a semester will cost between $5,000 and $10,000 more than the cost of attending WU, though there ARE some bargains.)  Talk it over with the Financial Aid Office EARLY in the process.  Most loans and scholarships you have for WU will be available for study at Affiliate Schools.  It CAN be done!
  7. If you want to proceed, apply for passport NOW if you don’t have one. (Must have passport before applying for visa.)

Academic Planning Phase:

  1. Complete the online Study Abroad Program and Scholarship Application
    Priority Dates:  Oct. 15 – Spring, Feb. 1 – Spring Break, Mar. 1 - Summer  
    *If you have been accepted for Study Abroad through the Modern Languages Department you will complete the ML  Admissions & Scholarship Application:  Priority Date:  Feb 1
  2. Discuss plans with your Academic Advisor. Take with you:
    1. Your degree plan
    2. List of possible courses available at the host university & as much info as you can find about them (descriptions, syllabi), and discuss credits.
    3. Select 2 alternative courses (VERY important!)
  3. Study Abroad Credit Transfer Form – ask your Academic Advisor to approve course work and assign WU equivalent courses. Download a copy of the form.  Return approved Study Abroad Credit Transfer Form to the OIP by the appropriate date.

Washburn Transformational Experience Phase:

Optional Co-Curricular Program (WILL run concurrently with Academic Phase, Pre-Departure and Post Program Phase.)

  1. Declaration:  Complete the online WTE Declaration Form on the “Student Academics Tab” of My Washburn.
    • Priority Dates:  Oct. 15 – Winter/Spring, Feb. 1 – Spring Break, Mar. 1 – Summer & Fall.  
  2. Activity Plan:  Complete the online Activity Plan Form on the “Student Academics Tab” of My Washburn.
    • Priority Dates:  Oct. 30 – Winter/Spring, Feb. 15 – Spring Break, Mar. 15 - Summer & Fall.
  3. Pre-Trip Background Research Paper:  Consult your program advisor or the OIP for requirements and assistance in selecting an intellectually engaging topic.
    • Priority Dates:  Nov. 15 – Winter/Spring, Mar. 1 – Spring Break, Mar. 30 – Summer/Fall; or a date determined appropriate by the respective faculty-leader, if you are participating in a faculty-led program.
  4. Final Written Assessment Report:  The Report can be found at the “Student Academics Tab” of My Washburn inside the WTE Completion Form, click on the Final Assessment link.
    • To be completed within three weeks after returning and prior to graduation.
  5. Public Presentation:  Consult your program advisor or the OIP to find an appropriate venue and date.
    • To be completed within the semester after retuning and prior to graduation.  
    • Enter approved venue and date in the WTE Completion Form.

Host University / Program Provider Application Phase:

(MUST run concurrently with Academic Phase.)

  1. Check host school’s / providers application procedures & deadlines & put them on your calendar.
  2. Check visa requirements & time needed to process (must receive acceptance letter from host school before applying).
  3. Send in application & all required documents (provide a copy to OIP).
  4. Send transcript (IMPORTANT: be sure there are no holds before you request that a transcript be sent.  Holds can delay the application.); in most cases the official transcript may be sent thru the OIP.
  5. Apply for housing using the host school’s / providers procedures (there may be deposits to pay by a certain deadline).
  6. Check to see which deposits are due and when.  Different schools /providers have different deadlines and policies (some require that you pay a damage deposit that is later refundable if you leave your accommodations in good shape).
  7. There may be special deadlines (more flexible than those published) for Affiliate School, however, it is your responsibility to meet all deadlines in a timely manner.
  8. Start checking on travel tickets early (prices are generally better).  Once you receive your acceptance letter & host country entry requirement (visa/residence permit, if required) reserve or purchase ticket as early as possible to get the best price.

Financial Planning Phase:

(SHOULD run concurrently with Academic and Application Phases.)

  1. As previously mentioned, the Financial Aid Office may help you find ways to finance your study abroad.  Consult them early.
  2. Research outside scholarship options on the internet.  If you receive federal financial aid "Pell Grant” you may qualify for a Gilman International Scholarship for up to $5,000
  3. Talk this over seriously with your family.
  4. Determine if your plan is affordable early in the process to avoid disappointment.

Visa Application Phase:

  1. Check visa requirements for the country where you will study.  (In many countries visas are required if you are staying longer than 90 days.)
  2. Get your passport as soon as you know you really want to study abroad (it can take up to 2 months depending on the season). 
  3. Send your visa application to the appropriate Embassy or Consulate with your acceptance letter and supporting documents in plenty of time to receive visa before you travel.

Pre-Departure Phase:

  1. Make final travel arrangements and buy airline ticket (if applicable & if you haven’t done so already).
  2. Purchase travel insurance (optional).  International Student Identification Card, ISIC, can be obtained online.
  3. Attend the required Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation & Scholarship Awards Ceremony.
  4. During this process, there will be various meetings with the OIP, your Academic Advisor, WTE Mentor and/or Facultyleader depending on the type of program you participate in.  Check your Washburn email frequently for instructions and updates.

Post Program Phase:

  1. Complete the OIP Study Abroad Survey & Post Program Questionnaire.
  2. Complete the remaining WTE requirements as mentioned above.  
  3. Review the Study Abroad Returnee Involvement Opportunities
    1. Submit an article for the Bods Abroad Newsletter
    2. Submit an Entry for the Study Abroad Photo Essay Contest
    3. Become a Volunteer Peer Study Abroad Advisor