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Non-WU Participant

Many of our study abroad programs are open to non-WU participants. Find programs open to Non-WU participants.

Before applying for a program, if the participant does not have a WIN (Washburn Identification Number), they will have one assigned to them through our office.

Once they receive their WIN, Washburn's portal instructions (MyWashburn) will be sent including login and password.  This will be used to log in to MyWashurn to enroll in the course (if applicable) as well as pay fees associated with the program.


For credit bearing programs, students will need to work with their home institution to see how the courses taken abroad will fulfill degree requirements.

Study Abroad Application, Admission & Enrollment

The study abroad application process for non-WU participants is almost exactly the same as for WU students.  Participants will need to apply for a study abroad program by doing the following:

  1. Search for a program open to Non-WU participants
  2. Click the "Apply Now" button on the program brochure page
  3. Click OK to agree to the application fee
  4. Select the term for which you are applying.
  5. Complete all required application materials.  (For more information, please review our Application Process & Phases page.)

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Non-WU students will need to check with the Financial Aid Office at their home university to see if it is possible to use their Financial Aid and Scholarships for WU Study Abroad Programs as institutional requirements and procedures can vary.

Washburn University does not have any scholarships open to Non-WU students or Non-WU participants, but there are a broad range of national scholarships available to students.

If you have any questions please contact us at 785-670-1051 or