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As an important tool in Washburn University’s risk management practices, the Office of International Programs provides AlertTraveler access for all WU study abroad participants and all staff and faculty traveling internationally through WU approved programs.

What is AlertTraveler?

AlertTraveler is a pro-active risk management tool that provides WU travelers with:
  • country and city resources and intelligence information to enable them to make informed decisions while abroad;
  • real-time safety and security alerts, based on a student’s itinerary or geographic location, to let students know of any event that could potentially affect their travel, personal health, or safety;
  • single touch dialing to emergency services in-country, U.S. embassies or consulates in the region, and the WU Office of Study Abroad emergency lines; and
  • an instant check-in feature allowing students to report their well-being back to the WU Office of Study Abroad in the event of an incident.

Who Has Access to the AlertTraveler App? 

All faculty leaders and student participants of WU study abroad programs and all WU staff and faculty traveling internationally with university-affiliation are asked to download the AlertTraveler app on the mobile device (phone or tablet) they will be utilizing abroad.
Download instructions are available to all travelers in their BodsAbroad online portal and the app can be downloaded 60 days in advance of their departure.  By subscribing to alerts for their destination country in advance of their time abroad, they can learn and better prepare for their international travel.

How Does the App Know What Alerts to Send?

The app provides information based on the program itinerary inside of the travelers Bods Abroad online portal, the GPS location, or countries subscribed to through the mobile app.

How to Install AlertTraveler on your mobile device

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International Travel Registry

Washburn University recognizes international education is an essential component within its academic mission.  In an effort to reduce potential risks, WU requires all students, faculty, and staff members traveling internationally (through WU approved programs or activities receiving University funding) to register their international travel using the International Travel Registry.

Everyone who travels abroad for University-related purposes must register their international travel and provide all supporting documentation no later than two weeks prior to their expected departure date.

By registering, travelers will be granted access to the AlertTraveler app to receive the most up-to-date, in-depth, traveler information delivered in real-time destination reports and alerts pushed to travelers in order to make informed decisions.

Students participating in regular, WU-administered study abroad programs will complete the relevant program application process administered by the WU Office of Study Abroad, and therefore do not need to complete a separate application to the International Travel Registry. For further information about the International Travel Registry, contact the Study Abroad Coordinator.