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Applying for a Magellan Exchange Program

Participation in programs offered through the Magellan Exchange requires a two-step application process:  

  1. WU Program and Scholarship Applications.  Deadlines: Mar 1 – Summer/Fall, Oct. 15 - Spring
  2. Magellan Exchange Application. Deadlines: Summer Varies, Mar 15 – Fall, Oct. 15 - Spring

Dr. Dmitri Nizovtsev,, WU Magellan Advisor, is your first point of contact to review the academic program and requirements for specific program placement.

Tina Williams,, WU Study Abroad Coordinator, will assist you with the WU Application process and program logistics following your acceptance to the Magellan program.

Below are step by step instructions to complete the application process:

  1. Apply through the Magellan Exchange (see deadlines above)
    1. Go to
    2. Click on Apply/Login
    3. Click on “New User”
    4. Create an account (username/password)
    5. Return to the Login page
    6. Log in
    7. Create a new application for the corresponding term/year
    8. Fill out all the tabs.
      • On ‘Institutional choices’ tab, you are required to enter three different schools. Enter the school you are most interested in FIRST. Ex.‘PXL Limburg’, field of study “Fine Arts”.
    9. Skip ‘Internship’ and ‘Documents’ (Dr. Nizovtsev, WU Magellan Advisor, will upload your transcript)
    10. Try to do a good job on the essay. It should explain why you want to go on the trip and should demonstrate your eagerness to learn new things.
    11. Once you are done, review the application, enter your name and SSN and click ‘Submit’.  (Dr. Nizovstev will be able to view your application once it is submitted.)

The Magellan Application requires a payment of a $165 fee to Magellan by the deadlines stated above (details and payment options).

  1. Applying through Washburn (see deadlines above) 
    1. Go to the Study Abroad program search
    2. Locate the program of your choice (‘PXL’)
    3. Click on the program link
    4. Click the Apply Now button
    5. Go through the step-by-step application process.
    6. Complete a Scholarship Application, if you would like
    7. For the Statement of Purpose essay, feel free to reuse parts of or the entire Magellan essay (see part 1j above).
    8. You will be asked for two references from Washburn faculty (talk to the faculty in advance!).  This is done through an electronic request form that sends an automatic message to the faculty member who will then complete the form online.
    9. If you don’t have a passport, apply for it NOW! Visit the US State Department website for information regarding foreign entry requirements.
    10. For Study Abroad Credit Transfer approval see Dr. Nizovtsev. 

The WU Program and Scholarship applications require a non-refundable $75 fee.  Details are in the application materials.

  1. International Education - Washburn Transformational Experience
    1. Declare WTE – see deadlines above                 
    2. Submit an Activity Plan – Deadlines: Mar 15 – Summer/Fall, Oct. 30 - Spring
      1. Log on to MyWashburn.
      2. Go to ‘Student Academics’ on the left.
      3. Click the ‘WTE Declaration and Activity Plan Submission’ link (under Academic Opportunities)
      4. Select a faculty member to serve as your WTE Mentor.  The faculty member may be your advisor or if your program is specific to a subject outside of your major you may choose a faculty member who is familiar with the program of studies you are pursuing abroad. 
      5. Fill out all the fields
      6. Click the Save button
    3. Pre-trip Background Research Paper (5-6 page essay on any aspect of your future study abroad experience)  
You may review a complete list of the WTE Requirements including step by step instructions and deadlines.